Wednesday May 29th at 5.00 PM PT / 8.00 PM ET

Feeling lost in a crowd of local dentists? Don’t let positive reviews gather dust online!

This exclusive webinar, The Principle of Social Proof in Dentistry, can help you unlock the power of patient trust and turn happy patients into a thriving practice.

Join us and discover proven strategies to:

This webinar will explore how you can leverage the Liking Principle in your dental practice to:

  • Leverage positive reviews and testimonials to attract a steady stream of new patients.
  • Dominate your local market by showcasing social proof and building trust.
  • Turn reviews into revenue by converting satisfied patients into loyal advocates.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Register now and unlock the hidden power of Liking in your dental practice.

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Course Objectives

By participating to the webinar participants will able:

  • Understand the concept of Social Proof and its impact on patient behavio
  • Identify the different types of Social Proof applicable to dentistry
  • Develop strategies to cultivate positive patient experiences
  • Harness the power of online reputation management

Who is this workshop for:

  • Dental Practice Owners
  • Dental Associates & Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists & Assistants
  • Marketing & Business Development Professionals in Dentistry
  • Dental students
  • Dental educators
  • Dental suppliers and manufacturers

Continuing Education Credits

1 CE Credit will be awarded to the attendees who complete this webinar


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All speakers must disclose to the audience any proprietary, financial or other personal interest of any nature or kind, in any product, service, source, and/or company, or in any firm beneficially associated therewith that will be discussed or considered during their presentation. The Thriving Dentist Inc does not view the existence of these interests or uses as implying bias or decreasing the value to participants. It is important for the participants to form their own judgment about each presentation, and you are cautioned about the potential risks of using limited knowledge when integrating new techniques into your practice.CE Verbiage

Naren Arulrajah

Cialdini Certified Professional 
Expert Consultant in Dental  Marketing

As the visionary founder of InfluenceForDentistry and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren has assembled a team of exceptional global experts specializing in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

Naren is recognized as a distinguished consultant, speaker, and author, captivating audiences with his inspirational insights and innovative ideas. His influential contributions to the industry were honored by AceTech Ontario, which awarded him the prestigious Leadership Initiative Award in 2014.

As one of the Founders of InfluenceForDentistry, driven by a deep-seated desire to empower organizations and individuals alike, Naren Arulrajah continues to pave the way for success through his remarkable leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.

What is the Cialdini Certification?

This certification delves into the 7 Key principles of influence identified by Dr. Robert Cialdini, a renowned psychologist and author of the bestselling book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” Through in-depth training and expert guidance, this program equips dentists with the ethical and effective tools to influence patient behavior, leading to:

  • Stronger patient relationships
  • Increased treatment acceptance
  • Boosted referrals and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Sustainable practice growth

Why is Cialdini important for Dentists?

Traditional marketing often falls short in the dental field, where trust and personal connection play a crucial role. Cialdini’s principles go beyond advertising, providing a scientific framework for understanding and influencing human behavior. This translates to:

  • More effective communication: Tailor your approach to each patient’s needs and motivations.
  • Enhanced patient engagement: Create a positive and memorable experience that fosters trust and loyalty.
  • Ethical marketing practices: Build relationships based on mutual benefit and respect.