Grow Your Audience & Help Dentists Thrive!

At Influence for Dentistry, we’re dedicated to helping dental professionals achieve exponential growth through the science of influence. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Robert Cialdini’s groundbreaking book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” we equip dentists with proven strategies to attract new patients, build trust, and ultimately grow their practices. We’re seeking partnerships with dental associations, communities, and schools to co-host impactful online events focused on these powerful principles.

Why Partner with Influence for Dentistry?

  • Free Education & CE Credits: We offer exclusive access to a FREE online event hosted by our Cialdini-certified experts, Naren Arulraja and Ryan Davies. This event will translate the insights from Cialdini’s renowned book into actionable strategies for dentists. While the official Cialdini Method Certification program can be quite costly, we believe in empowering dentists with this valuable knowledge at no charge. Importantly, this event will be AGD registered, allowing attendees to earn valuable CE credits!
  • Expand Your Reach & Enhance Your Reputation: Partnering with Influence for Dentistry allows you to offer this unique educational opportunity to your members or students, solidifying your position as a trusted resource within the dental community. You’ll be helping them gain cutting-edge skills, while enriching your own reputation for providing valuable educational resources.

What We Offer?

  • Expert-Led Webinars: Our events will be hosted by Naren Arulraja and Ryan Davies, both experienced Cialdini-certified professionals with extensive experience applying these principles to grow dental practices.
  • Actionable Strategies: We’ll translate the power of Cialdini’s six fundamental principles of influence – reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, scarcity, and authority – into specific tactics dentists can implement to attract new patients and build lasting relationships.
  • Interactive Learning: Our webinars are dynamic and interactive, allowing for Q&A sessions where participants can ask questions and get personalized insights.

Our Commitment:

Our sole purpose is to empower dentists and promote success within the dental community. By partnering with us, you can contribute to this mission while expanding your reach and offering valuable resources to your audience.

Past Success:

We’ve already conducted several successful webinars with exceptional reviews. Partner with us to continue building on this momentum and deliver impactful educational experiences.

Proof of Success:

Here are few webinar feedbacks we received

Ready to Make a Difference?

Contact us today to discuss co-hosting a Cialdini-focused online event for your dental community! We’re confident that together, we can empower dentists to achieve greater success through the science of influence.