Mastering Principles of Influence in Dentistry MasterMind

Discover the Competitive Edge You’ve Been Missing!

Why Should You Join theMastering Principles of Influence Program?

Imagine if you could gain a unique edge that sets your dental practice apart.

Our program equips you with the transformative knowledge of the 6 Principles of Cialdini, renowned for their power in influencing human behavior.

Mastering these principles will help build lasting connections with patients, inspire your team, and supercharge your marketing efforts.

What Will You Learn?

Master the Secrets of Ethical Persuasion

Throughout the 12-week program, you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey through ten engaging modules, each focusing on a specific influence principle and its practical application in dentistry.

From laying a solid foundation in the introductory module to using the principles of reciprocity, liking, authority, and scarcity in your marketing activities, you’ll become a persuasive force to be reckoned with.

Gain the expertise to ethically influence decisions and inspire action, positively impacting your dental practice and patient relationships.

Overcoming Challenges Specific To Your Practice

Elevate Your Dental Practice Beyond Boundaries

Attract an Influx of New Patients with Ease

Imagine a waiting room filled with an excited buzz as new patients eagerly seek your dental services.

By mastering the principle of social proof, you’ll learn how to showcase your practice’s success stories and glowing patient testimonials, attracting new patients to your practice.

Picture your appointment book filling up effortlessly as word-of-mouth spreads about your exceptional dental care.

Foster Patient Loyalty and Trust

Imagine patients not just choosing your dental practice for the quality of your services, but for the genuine connections you build with them.

By mastering the principle of liking, you’ll establish profound patient relationships, fostering unwavering loyalty and trust.

Picture patients who become your brand ambassadors, passionately referring their friends and family to your dental practice.

Stand Out Like a Beacon of Excellence

Picture patients choosing your practice not just because of the services you offer, but because of the distinct and exceptional experience and quality of the relationships you provide.

No more frustrated sighs when patients hesitate to accept treatment plans.

Unleash the power of persuasion to turn hesitant patients into your most loyal advocates who appreciate your care and concern about their oral health and they can’t wait to tell their friends!

Become a Respected Authority in Dentistry

Upon completing the program, imagine the newfound confidence and respect you’ll command in the dental industry. You’ll become the go-to expert for ethical persuasion and influence, sought after for speaking engagements, mentorship, and collaboration.

Picture yourself becoming a trailblazer in ethical influence, guiding your peers and contributing to the advancement of the dental profession.

A Supportive Mastermind Community

Connect, Collaborate, and Amplify Your Success

GroupTHINK Sessions: Fostering Collaborative Problem-Solving

In the Influence Principles of Persuasion in Dentistry MasterMind Program, we believe in the power of collective brilliance.

Our GroupTHINK sessions create a collaborative environment where each member can freely share ideas, projects, or challenges. This agenda-free space encourages open expression, liberating you from the fear of judgment.

Imagine the immense value of pooling together the collective wisdom and experience of your peers, inspiring innovative solutions and strategies that you can apply to your dental practice.

Access a Safe Space for Open Discussions and Collaborative Problem-Solving

As part of this program, you’ll gain access to a dynamic network of like-minded dental professionals who share your commitment to success.

Our mastermind sessions foster “Success Conversations,” where both transactional and relational activations lead to transformative growth beyond your dental practice.

Moreover, the mastermind community provides a safe space for open discussions, where you can openly discuss challenges and collaborate on problem-solving.

This supportive environment uplifts and supports each member’s journey towards greatness.

Coaching and Teaching Sessions: Your Path to Success

Benefit from interactive and transformative coaching sessions in the Mastering Influence Principles of Persuasion in Dentistry Program.

Led by experienced professionals, these sessions empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel both personally and professionally.

The LeaderDASHBOARD: Navigate Towards Success

Leverage the LeaderDASHBOARD, a proven tool that revolutionizes how you structure your days, weeks, and months for optimal success.

Stay organized, set clear goals, and track your progress towards achieving them, empowering you to navigate the challenges of running a dental practice with confidence and efficiency.

Embrace Change and Personal Growth with Fun

Change and personal growth become inspiring and enjoyable experiences. Yes, you read that right – FUN!

Our sessions make the journey of improvement an exciting adventure, allowing you to discover new possibilities and unleash your true potential.

Take a moment to consider becoming a part of a success story that truly matters to you and everyone around you!

Your Weekly MasterMind Sessions, Explained!

A weekly investment of one hour will provide you with a powerful blend of teaching, brainstorming, interacting, celebration, and problem-solving, along with a 24/7 private online community just for your group called Connecting Conversations.

Here is a snapshot of your weekly MasterMIND session, that we will alternate between every week:

Coaching & Teaching Sessions

Celebrate The Wins – Relational + Transactional Wins as a Full Group

Getting Current – Breakouts in Triads

Teaching sessions aligned with the Principles of Influence & the 4 Quadrants of the LeaderDashboard: Business, Personal, Family, Community

GroupTHINK Session

GroupTHINK session: Presentation by individual members of an idea or problem that all of the group will brainstorm and help with.

Personal Development: Private time to consider Next Right Step (NRS), incorporate teaching lessons, and update the Leader Dashboard.

Most Valuable: Peer-Driven Discussions in Groups of 4; sharing your Most Valuable insights gained today and their NRS based on their LeaderDASHBOARD

Be an Influential Force in Dentistry

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of a revolutionary program that will transform your dental practice and elevate your influence in the industry.

The Mastering Influence Principles of Persuasion in Dentistry Mastermind is a 6-month program, offered twice a year. Limited to a small group of dentists & practice owners per batch, this ensures each participant receives personalized attention and gains maximum value from the experience.

Currently in development, the Mastermind is scheduled for launch in January 2024.

Stay informed.

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Your journey to a more influential future begins here.