About Us

Elevating Your Personal and Professional Life through the Science of Influence​

Welcome to InfluenceForDentistry, where the science of influence intertwines with the art of dentistry, empowering dental practice owners and professionals to achieve unparalleled success.

However, our mission extends beyond transforming dental practices. At InfluenceForDentistry, we understand the profound impact of influence and persuasion on your personal and professional life.

Our Mission

Empowering You Within & Beyond Dentistry​

Our mission is twofold: first, to empower dental professionals to conquer doubts surrounding treatment plan acceptance and establish unshakeable credibility; second, to equip you with the principles of influence that extend beyond the dental chair, elevating both your personal and professional endeavors.

Building Trust and Authority – The Core of Personal Success​

At InfluenceForDentistry, we believe that trust and authority are not just crucial for dental practices but also for personal relationships and professional growth. By mastering the principles of social proof, liking, and authority, you’ll become a respected authority in your community and build meaningful connections with those around you.

Unleashing the Power of Reciprocity and Commitment

Beyond patient interactions, the power of reciprocity and commitment extends to every aspect of your life. By understanding and applying these principles, you’ll forge deeper connections, foster trust, and inspire loyalty from colleagues, friends, and family alike.

Converting Hesitancy into Confidence

Just as you convert hesitant patients into confident advocates, the principles of persuasion can help you excel in every area of your life. By embracing scarcity and commitment, you’ll seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and inspire confidence in yourself and others.

Harnessing the Influence of Likability

Likability is not just a pleasant quality; it’s a powerful tool in personal and professional success. By integrating the principles of liking and authority, you’ll exude warmth and charisma, making you a magnet for positive connections and new opportunities.

Seizing Missed Opportunities in All Aspects of Life

We understand that missed opportunities are not exclusive to dental practice. By applying the scarcity principle in various spheres, you’ll transform missed chances into extraordinary successes, both personally and professionally.

Let’s make influence a guiding force that elevates your personal and professional life. Join InfluenceForDentistry and unlock your full potential by harnessing the principles of influence in dentistry and beyond.

Together, we will empower you to make lasting impressions not only in your dental practice but also in every aspect of your life.

Ready to elevate your dental practice and your life to extraordinary heights?

Join our community and be part of our upcoming events, where we delve deep into the practical applications of influence in various aspects of dentistry and beyond.

Learn from experts who have mastered the art of persuasion and discover how you can transform your professional and personal interactions.